How to Let Go When You’re Not Sure You’re Really Ready……

hands_letting_go_1I guess I’m not so good at this blogging thing. You’re actually supposed to write, regularly, when you blog and frankly, I’m not living up to my end of this deal. You read it, but I have to write it. Ok, I get it now.

For my handful of blog readers, you already know that life in our house/resort has been chaotic. Resort? Yes, resort. A few weeks ago, our family of five moved into a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment. We like to call it the resort. The resort is fun – it has a great pool, a putting green, a beach volleyball court and absolutely no maintenance on our part! How can you not love that? We sold our home in three hours. Yes, I said three. Three Day Patti (who I introduced in a previous post) really lived up to her name (which, by the way, is now officially Three Hour Patti). We shopped and shopped for a new home and finally found one that wasn’t even listed! It’s perfect and needs zero done to it…..except to add a pool. It was an exhausting process – packing our house of 10 years into two PODS (you know those things they drop in your driveway so you can load at your leisure) and one 10×10 storage unit can really wear a girl out. We moved the bare necessities into the resort (up to the second floor no less) and we’ve been living resort life ever since. Resort life is great – Hubs is honey-do-listless and I think he’s really enjoying it. He spends a lot of time on our balcony with his cooler. I don’t blame him. He worked really hard getting us packed and into the resort. The kids love the resort “amenities” and I like that’s there’s not much for me to do around the house.

Last Saturday I took a nap. A NAP! Can you imagine??!!

But the process of going through everything we own was not only exhausting, but emotional. Finding the comforter you got when you were newlywed in 1995, going through the kids baby things and old art work….it got me thinking about when we moved into that house. The kids were little, really little. We raised our babies in that house and here we were leaving it. I remember that final day when Hubs texted me. He had stopped by the house the day after we had everything out. He wrote “Just closed it up for the last time. Good ‘lil house. Lots of hard work. Lots of memories.” You’d think I’d be happy. We’re moving on to bigger and better things, right?

I cried when I read his text.

Letting go is hard, even when you think you’re ready for it. Generally, letting go has a negative connotation – you’re leaving something or someone is leaving you. As I was packing, I kept thinking “why are we doing this?”. Megs was in first grade when we moved in and now she’s 16, about to get her driver’s license and, before you know, will be off to college. Jordan was three and is now 13! She’s just coming into her own, expanding her teen wings and ready to take off. Jake was just about two, and graduates from elementary school next week! Time is flying. I love that we are off on a new adventure as a family, but thinking about that house, even driving by the house really gets me going. Maybe I’m not ready to let go of it?

Maybe it’s not the house I’m worried about letting go of?

The resort is bringing us closer. Literally. Yes, we are jammed into a small space, bare necessities all over the place, but this experience is bringing us closer too. The kids are excited to move on. They are excited for their new home, excited for their new experiences to start (driving, being a teen, moving on to junior high) and I guess, if I look real deep, I am too. Letting go is hard – whether it’s the home you’ve lived in for ten years or watching your teen drive off in the car alone for the first time.

This mom is remembering all the little things and tucking them away in her full heart, to be pulled up later when Hubs and I are empty nesters, wondering where the time went and starting conversations with “Remember that time when……”.

See, letting go doesn’t always have to be such a bad thing.

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  2. Lisa, I just started reading your blog. I absolutely love ’em all!!! You’ve got quite a talent! Keep ’em coming!

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