Emails from Home, Turkeys, Noodles and other things that make my heart full……


I had to laugh the other day. I got an email from my big brother. I don’t get them often (he’s a busy, important guy, what with keeping the entire country safe and all) and in fact, I didn’t recognize the email address. In my Inbox, I had an email from “Home”. Yes, Home. I thought, “Well that’s weird, why is the house emailing me?”. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it (which I probably shouldn’t have given all the emails we get at work warning us not to open suspicious messages from people we don’t know) and discovered it was Big Bro. Big Bro had a simple message for me:

“You gonna write anything?”

Ah, you gotta love him. A man of few words (except on his swimming blog which can be found at So, this one’s for you Big Bro……

It’s been a busy few weeks since my last posting. We made it through Thanksgiving in one piece. This year was extra special – I made TWO turkeys…..and I made them pretty darn successfully (despite the immense pressure I felt being in charge of the main dish). On Thanksgiving day, we have my side of the fam over – mom, step-dad, little sis and her two kiddos, plus the five of us. I love it. I love having my family over and cooking for them. I don’t get to visit with them often, which is mostly my fault. Did I mention I’m a busy working mom? But I really need to make more time for them. Anyway, I was in charge of turkey and a few other things. Hubs was in charge of dessert. He made his fabulous peanut butter cup cheesecake (and yes, it’s even BETTER than it sounds) and I picked up a pumpkin pie (see above, busy working mom). We had a wonderful day of visiting and watching football. That was Thanksgiving #1.

On Friday, I had the privilege of making turkey #2 for my in-laws, Bob and Mary Lou. Mary Lou is a trooper in every sense of the word. She is battling cancer. I hate cancer. But Mary Lou always has a smile, a kind word and even a joke or two to share. You can see the glimmer in her eye as she sits and watches her nine grandchildren yack on the couch while her daughter and two daughters-in-law try to whip up a Mary Lou style Thanksgiving dinner. Each of us girls was in charge of a portion of the dinner. I had turkey (since I’m getting so good at making them). I really enjoyed watching Suzanne and her hubs, Rusty, try to make Mary Lou’s dressing (which by the way, turned out great). Crystal is our baker and Chief Noodle Maker. Mary Lou is known for her noodles – homemade little bits of goodness, boiled up and used as fantastic mashed potato toppers. And Crystal nailed it! We enjoyed our dinner and spent the rest of the evening in the family room, being a family.

What a precious gift our families are to us. Some we don’t hear from as often as we’d like, but we know you are there, following us on Facebook (or this silly little blog), some who are nearby but yet seem so far away because of our hectic schedules, those that literally are physically far away and those that are content to sit back quietly and watch, soaking in the sights and sounds of family around them. This is a family time of year and my personal favorite. I hope my family, all my family – near, far, extended, step, friends-that-I-think-of-as-family, all know how special you are to me. I might not say it, heck I probably don’t even show it, but you are part of my full heart.

This weekend we are going to finish our shopping, start wrapping, get one kid to a doctor appointment, get that same kid to a wrestling tournament (she’s the team manager), clean the house, do the grocery shopping and then participate in a special holiday treat. I can’t post it now, but I promise to follow up and share with you next time. I’m so excited for this very special time of making memories with my family. Time is flying by so quickly it seems. I’m taking it all in, not wanting to miss a single moment. Be sure to take some time this holiday season to tell your family you love them. Make a few memories and tuck them away. Your heart will be full……

2 responses to “Emails from Home, Turkeys, Noodles and other things that make my heart full……

  1. I agree our large mixed, extended family is the greatest. We need to meet more often as we did in DC this year!!

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