I’m a point and shoot kinda gal

Well, I’ll be…..I guess this thing is “on”. Big shout out to my handful of readers!  Literally, the 5 or 6 of you that read my first installment ever. I appreciate the kind words and feedback. Really, I do. So, now that we know this thing is on and you are out there, in cyber world, reading this…..I thought I’d share the actual photo I took back in 1988 (OMG, did I just date myself!). I took this photo my freshman year in college. I had big NYC dreams. I was a photography major at Queensborough College. And I was brand new to the City. I took this photo on a trip into the city right around this time of year. The ice rink at Rockefeller Center was up and running. Mom and I went by to check it out when I noticed the NBC building. It was nightime and they have big white lights that shine up the building. I’m a huge fan of photographing architecture. I don’t know why. Ok, maybe I just lied. I do know one reason why – buildings don’t talk back, they don’t tilt their heads the wrong way or make a weird smile. They work with you, not against you.

So, back to Rockefeller Center.

I had to get a shot of this building. But short of laying on the ground, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the Center, I couldn’t get a great angle on it. Wait…..I guess I should have started this whole thing with a disclaimer.

* DISCLAIMER:  I’m a point and shoot kinda gal*

Whew, there. I feel so much better. I’m not much into big fancy-pants lenses or F-stops and whatnots. Sure, I studied them in school, but I was a big city gal….no time for that nonsense. Point and shoot was my “thing”.

In order to get this shot, I literally sat on the ledge that goes around the entire rink. For those that have been to the Center, you know what ledge I speak of. It’s a good two stories above the ice rink. I asked my mom to hold my legs and, with my 17 year old abs ‘o steel, I laid back and shot away.

In the dark room, I had to do some work on this picture. It was VERY bright. Those white spotlights sure did their job. Using filters (don’t ask me now which ones, I’m in my 40’s and its all I can do to remember my kids names, who needs a lunch and what floor I parked my car on at work), I had to darken the sky in the photo so the building could really stand out. Then, using my hands in a procedure-who’s-name-now-escapes-me, I darkened just a bit at the base of the building.

And there, my creation, in all its glory. It’s framed and it lines the main hallway in my home, along with some of my other black and white photography, which I’ll share another time. This is the only copy of this photo too. When I was finishing my freshman year of college, I got frustrated. Very frustrated. I thought I sucked, was never going to make a living at this (which is probably true) and had no business getting a degree in it. So, I became a business major, sold my darkroom (right down to the red light bulb), threw away my negative binder and put my point and shoot in the closet.

Young and dumb. What can I say.

I hope you enjoy this picture as much as I enjoy walking by it in my hallway everyday. It reminds me of my youth. It reminds me that at one time, I may have had just a touch of talent and it reminds me that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Till next time.

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