Hello? Is this thing on?

This whole thing started on a whim. But what exactly is a whim anyway? 

            whim (n): an odd or capricious notion or desire; a sudden or freakish fancy: a sudden  whim to take a  midnight walk. capricious humor: to be swayed by whim.

 And what exactly have I started?

I’ve always had a creative side. I don’t remember using it much as a kid, though I’m sure my folks had plenty of those “do it yourself” gifts from me. I do remember making those latch hook pot holders. Remember those? And I have a vague recollection of a homemade ashtray for my dad (back when smoking was cool and schools let kids make ashtrays). But I’ve always had an eye for things. And by eye, I mean a way of seeing things, noticing their placement, the way the light hits just right, that wall hanging that’s lopsided.  When I was in high school, my photojournalism teacher asked me to be a yearbook photographer my senior year. I loved it so much, that by the time I graduated high school, I decided to major in photography. I moved to New York to study it. New York was rich in photo ops and ohhh how I loved it – I noticed the beautiful city architecture from pre-war buildings, to gargoyles and tall skyscrapers. I once hung over the railing of the Rockefeller skating rink just to get a shot of the NBC building (Mom held my legs so I wouldn’t fall over the rail) because the light hit the building just right that night! I had my own dark room and spent hours each day taking pictures, developing pictures, studying pictures and then, it happened. Burn out.

Flash forward a few years later and I graduated with a business degree (what??), got married, settled down, had three kids (um, who let this happen?). I was working in a law firm, I sold my dark room equipment and I rarely took pictures for art or joy. Oh sure, I had a million photos of my beautiful babies, but never took any time to see the beauty in life and try to capture it on film.

I have a great group of friends that I work with and the best part of my work day is lunch. It’s a chance for me to share my stories, get advice on what to do with my kids and just relax for an hour. My lunch bunch (or as my kids call them “The Bling Ladies” – a story for another time) are great listeners and have always told me I really need to “write this stuff down”. So just before Thanksgiving, I’m sitting in my office, counting down the days till I prepare two holiday meals (another story for another time) and a thought crosses my mind – I want to take pictures again and I want to write about them and my “crazy-working-mom-raising-three-kids-with-her- hubby-who-tries-to-do-and-be-all” life. A creative outlet – photos and stories, all in one place.

But wait, you say, where does the empty crock pot come in?  Well, I like cooking. And I just now purposefully chose the word “like”. I don’t love it, I sort of enjoy it, but enjoy and love are strong words to use when you’re talking about cooking. So, we’ll go with like. Maybe over the course of this blog, like will turn to enjoy and enjoy will turn to love…but I wouldn’t hold my breath. And, to confirm, I’m a big fan of the crock pot. What working mom isn’t? I love to share recipes with other moms and I also like to take pictures of how my fabulous creations turn out.

So this is my blog, my crazy busy life in words and pictures, all the ups and downs. I hope you “like” it…..

4 responses to “Hello? Is this thing on?

  1. Like the blog It’s a great title, too. We used to have two of your photos – one of a big skyscraper and another of your little sister on a stoop – hanging up. Then the military movers lost them… We need them replaced! Get to Work! work!

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